June 2010 Modern Kicks Archives

6/30/2010 Dart Gun Radio

teaching camp curie this week and rockin it!

6/23/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Celebrating GLBT Pride.

hosted by DJ SLT

6/16/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Next week my summer teaching season at the science museum of MN starts – so what would be better than a bunch of songs about science and space??? so that’s what I played… enjoy

6/9/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Songs you guys liked when you were 14 – or what you sent me (a few of them) – Van Halen, Kinks, the Who, Nick Low, Tom Tom Club and more. Along with some of my own: Wipers, Drive like Jehu, Today is the Day and more

6/2/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Greg rock’s it while I’m out of town.
(*longer description to come)