May 2010 Modern Kicks Archives

5/26/2010 Dart Gun Radio

This week I had my identity stolen. After dealing with too much paperwork and banks – I really needed to rock out and shake the blahs… so we did. Wire, Neverever, King Khan, the Dictators, Primus (A friend posted the video for ‘too many puppies” and it was stuck in my head), Mika Miko, Melvins, Ubran Junior,the Jam, Cheap Trick, Male Bonding, the Buzzcocks, because i missed the show this week..!

5/19/2010 Dart Gun Radio

new Peg Simone, New Black Keys, New gemma Ray… more and more new stuff and more than just one song from each. I think it’s good to celebrate a new album that is an actual ALBUM with merit by having the whole thing being played…. don’t you think?

5/12/2010 Dart Gun Radio

This week Judas Priest’s “British Steel” was re-released and I’m pretty excited about that cuz I too am livin’ after midnight. Solex Vs. Cristina Martinez and JOhn Spenser (for those Boss Hog Fans), the new one from Dead Weather, Minutemen obsession as well… many good ones… it was a fun show

5/5/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Greg Carr subs for me while I get some grading done, and it was the best thing ever. Truth be told – it was too hard to get any grading done with these kinda tunes