April 2010 Modern Kicks Archives

4/7/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Pledge Drive #2

4/28/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Kid Cudie, Harlem, the Kills, Jesus and Mary Chain, 45 Grave, the Liars, King County Queens, Kate Nash, the Ferious Few, Super Mama Djombo, Mars Volta by request and more.

4/21/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Feeling sort of baseball, and rock. wanda Jackson, 45 grave, Knoxville Girls, the Clash, Joy Division, Husker Du, and more.

4/14/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Looks like I had a rough week if I started it off with “I hate Everyone”… it happens. Concrete blonde, Paul Westerberg, Harlem, Action Design, the Kills, Rezillos, Epoxies, Black Francis (wow I love his new album so much), Trapezoid, Billy Boy Poison, the Cows and more