March 2010 Modern Kicks Archives

3/17/2010 Dart Gun Radio

my St. Patti’s day show…
which was eaten in the computer scrubbing post being hacked into.
list to be updated asap. :(

3/31/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Pledge Drive show #1

3/24/2010 Dart Gun Radio

new She and Him, Suburbs, Joan Jett, Strange Boys, Tom Petty Big Star, the Nuns, the Scientists, Evelyn Evelyn. Surfer Blood.
Boris the sprinkler, ted leo, sonic youth and more

3/10/2010 Dart Gun Radio

The mad man returns! Abbi was frazzled from staying up all night getting ready for her lecture later today so Doug the Thug is back by popular demand. (His). The show digs deep into electronica with lots of local artists including some semi-rare tracks from Prince. More craziness is available at

3/3/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Abbi’s dog called in to say that Abbi was burnt out from getting all her stuff together for her art show and lecture so Doug The Thug came to the rescue. Doug has Attention Deficit Disorder. If he doesn’t get enough attention it feels like his head is going to explode so this all worked out fine for everyone – a win win situation.