October 2009 Modern Kicks Archives

10/28/2009 Dart Gun Radio
10/21/2009 Dart Gun Radio

just another night –
new HOF/Gay Witch Abortion, gossip, Grant Hart, Pussywarmers, Baroness, Brilliant Colors, Bang Bang Eche, Eyedea and Abilities, Vivian Girls, Eugene Mirman, the Heavy, Exene Cervenka… & more
***Classic: Eddie and the hotrods, Beat Happening, Electric Eel shock, Heroine Sheiks, Gun Club,Impetus Inter,Minute men – and MORE

10/14/2009 Dart Gun Radio

more stuff

Actually – Great local heavy hitters – Grant Hart and Sean Tillman have records out this week that are not to be missed – and I play them a lot

10/7/2009 Dart Gun Radio

a quite pledge drive show – abbi vs. an expanding tonsil