July 2009 Modern Kicks Archives

7/1/2009 Dart Gun Radio

On the 28th, Kira was murdered 2 years ago…. I looked up on her friendster account, asked some people for suggestions, and followed some punker’s code, and then had technology fail me something serious, botched, bocked… i still freeze around that girl.
and quite litterally, missed songs, breaks, song lists..
i just couldn’t tell you about it…..
she just is.
get to know her.

7/8/2009 Dart Gun Radio
7/15/2009 Dart Gun Radio
7/22/2009 Dart Gun Radio

Kira’s Set done right – because it was done by her. Compiled from her mix tapes made for her friends, She’s Djing – and I’m just hitting the buttons.
thanks Bryan for the help with this!!

Chicks on Speed, Bjork, Jawbox, Wire, Blond Redhead, Ladytron, Love is all, Solvent, missing persons, Death in Vegas, the KNife, Peaches and more!

this is for her friends near and far

7/29/2009 Dart Gun Radio

I have a lot to get done in the next 2 hours – so less instant links on this.
it’s for listening right?
the Cramps, Menace, the Entrance Band, the Dames, Dirtbombs, Richard Hell, X-Ray Spex, Monks, Demon’s Claws, the Rakes, Los Reactors, Pissed Jeans, Plasticines, Monomen, Scientists, Doomtree, H•O•F•, Tom Waits, the Slits, Sin 35, Delta 5, Neil Diamond, the Sun))… and way more