June 2009 Modern Kicks Archives

6/3/2009 Dart Gun Radio

Dart gun radio – the best show you’ve never listened to.
dug up some old 45s… n’ stuff.

Camper Van Bethoven, Chickenhead, Big Black, Effigies, Mika Miko, Bauhaus, Violent Fens, Dillinger 4, Minute men,Melvins, Cool Devices, the Means, Dead Milkmen, the Queers, Jesus Lizard, Heroine Sheiks,the Breeders, Cicada Omega, Killdozer, Skeletonbreath the legends, girl in a coma and more…..

6/10/2009 Dart Gun Radio

Probably my favorite show (music wise) I’ve done in years. trouble talking, but who cares, just listen to the music.
the Stranglers, Monks, Death, new Dinosaur Jr., new Sonic Youth, Misfits, Desert Sessions, Bosshog, Hitch, Cool Devices, Tiny Masters of Today, the Ramones, the Remains, Beat Happening, MIA, Peter Project, Flipper, Wreckless Eric, Melvins, Monomen, the Gimmies, the Milkshakes, Guana Batz, and more!!!!!!

6/17/2009 Dart Gun Radio

the shortest shortie on short short radio
i got nuthin.

6/24/2009 Dart Gun Radio