May 2009 Modern Kicks Archives

5/6/2009 Dart Gun Radio

Thank you rockandroll Ryan for filling in yet again. Sicbay and Valina was SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it!!!!!

5/13/2009 Dart Gun Radio

back in for another nite..
starts out trying to find my romantic side, fail, and then just goes right into rockin’ n’ things… as per sometimes and a twisting tummy

5/20/2009 Dart Gun Radio

Abbi learns to state that her preferences are her opinion and not the word of the rathfull Yalway.
requests: the Kills, Bob Log III, and Walls of Jerico
other bands played: Guzzard, zeros, the Jam, obtis, jesus lizard, Mika Mico, Jusicfer, Peg Simone, the Legends, x-ray spex, Lady Sov., tom waits, the Cheapskates, Iggy,2 finger, the saints and more… am i tired – of course i am, but here for you.

5/27/2009 Dart Gun Radio

My fish that I have been studying for months now just died before I left for the station making me
1) late
2) depressed
3) feeling all sorts of guilty for everything I’ve ever done and beem.. so perhaps the show feels like that a little
Yardbirds, the Legends, 45 Grave, T. Rex, Dillinger 4, Le Tigre, the poles, Cool Devices, Elvis Costello, Mika Miko, Atmosphere, Kylesa, A-Frames and more…. check it out.