April 2009 Modern Kicks Archives

4/1/2009 Dart Gun Radio

As i sit here at 4am cultivating Kidney stones – drinking wine munching on cheese puffs…. I think – what a crazy day that wound up well.

thanks so much to the jug-punk-folk band Cartright for coming in to the station and doing an impromt-to interview. They were wonderful and really the next big band coming.. Don’t believe me? then check it out for yourself!

4/8/2009 Dart Gun Radio

RYAN! RYAN! He’s our Man! If he can’t rockit – no one can! thanks for doing the show Ryan. Great stuff as per-usual

4/15/2009 Dart Gun Radio

This Week of Pledge Drive Ian Rans was awesome enough to come in (that is, Drinking with Ian) – Ian fame – so uber cool it was to have him shuffle down in the midnight hour and help us do what we do. Thank you Ian!!!!!!
thank you pledges:
Pam, David, Mike, the guy that pledged a dollar, and the rest of you pledging on line in the future.
People spending their time and hard used energy:
Topkat, Ryan, Mark, Ian, Larry and more… thank you for making pledge drive a party!

4/22/2009 Dart Gun Radio

Pledge drive show. Thank you everyone who supported over the past few weeks;
Pledge supporters:

Emel, Mike, Robbie, John, Pam, David, Ben, Dan, Ryan, Chris…………….. and everyone else who will be pledging shortly I know. Thank you thank you thank you
For coming in and helping thank you Ian Rans, Topkat, Mark, Ryan, Larry,
and premiums supporters, there have been many – thank you.

Congrads to MN Soundtrack for their big city pages award – Best Local Show; RIGHT ON! great stuff guys.
thank you for supporting KFAI and Angle-grinding radio

4/29/2009 Dart Gun Radio

you’ve earned it – thanks to a successful pledge drive, and myself not feeling well – 95% rock, and very little talk. Songs about sickness, music from punk rock movie soundtracks, here comes a regular replacements set etc.

Next week – Sicbay plays live again!