February 2009 Modern Kicks Archives

2/4/2009 Dart Gun Radio

‘eh – still feeling a little off. TRying to keep up with all these songs and their titles n’ shit… it’s hard. so if this is a little disconnected – that’s where I was at.

2/11/2009 Dart Gun Radio

Thank you again Ryan for a killer great show! great pix
AS I stay at home and recover from a killer cold that has been going around.

2/18/2009 Dart Gun Radio

This show, just skip though all of my talking.

2/25/2009 Dart Gun Radio

6 years at KFAI
4 years prior at WALF
2 years doing Radio riot
10 years of Dart Gun Radio
12 years of radio
and I turned 31
numbers are beautiful
and I miss Mr. Crumpled