January 2017 Disability and Progress Archives

This week, we will be playing a prerecorded show from August 11, 2016.  Join us when we speak with Debbie Richman, who is the VP of Education and Outreach of the Alzheimer's Association of Minnesota and North Dakota chapter.  Do you worry about getting old?  Perhaps your watching a relative, friend or spouse dealing with dementia.  In July we covered Dementia and alzheimers basics.  Now, hear part 2 when we talk about it from the care giver's side and more.

Wendi Anderson.  Wendi is the Veterans Program Coordinator for the organization Helping Paws of Minnesota, whose mission is to further the independence of people with physical disabilities through the use of a service dog.


Prerecorded show with Sarah smith, Talking about dyslexia.  Sarah is a tutor for dyslexic children, Former Board Member for the Upper Midwest Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, and a parent of two dyslexic children.

Brent Renneke, Public relations manager of the Minnesota MS society, and Nikki Foster who lives with MS.  We will be talking about MS, what it is, and about the new break through drug ocrelizumab.