April 2017 Rhythm and Grooves Archives

Today, NYC pianist Larry Fuller called in to talk about his upcoming gig at the Dunsmore Room on Apil 11. I also played music by Willis Jackson, Ed Calle, Charlie Parker, Tamuz Nissim & George Nazos, Stacey Kent, Rio Nido, and more. The Leigh Kamman 45 of the Week was actually two one-song promos by Eddie Harris: I Need Some Money, and Get on Down, both reflecting the influence of funk in 1974.  

Today it was my pleasure to have Maryann Sullivan as a guest, talking about her appearance at the Jazz at the Black Dog Series tonight. I also played music bty The Organic Trio, Leo Parker, Cal Tjader, Oscar Peterson, Larry Fuller, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Jorn Swart, and Miles Davis. The Leigh Kamman 45 of the Week was by Ella Fitzgerald, from 1956: Too Young for the Blues, and a beautiful ballad, It's Only a Man.