February 2011 Rhythm and Grooves Archives

2/5/2011 Rhythm and Grooves

This week’s show was preempted to bring us a special live report by Democracy Now on the revolution in Egypt.

2/12/2011 Rhythm and Grooves

Thanks to J. Otis Powell for sitting in while I was visiting family for the weekend. He brought you tracks from Coltrane, Randy Weston, Anthony Cox, Wynton Marsalis, Cannonball Adderley, marcus Shelby, and Charles Mingus, among others.

2/19/2011 Rhythm and Grooves

A mixture of classic and contemporary. New tracks from Atsuko Hashimoto, Eddie Mendenhall, Phil deGreg, Marcus Shelby, and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Older cuts from Kenny Burrell, Sun Ra, Nat Adderley, Illinois Jacquet, and of course, Charles Mingus, among others.

2/26/2011 Rhythm and Grooves

Classic tunes from Shirley Scott, Dizzy Gillespie, and Charles Mingus. New music from Eddie Mendenhall, Gordy Johnson, and Phil DeGreg.