December 2016 Catalyst: Politics and Culture Archives

A discussion of gun violence and the mvement to reduce it: includes defining gun violence as a public health problem with multiple facets and solutions.

BEN GROSSCUP was raised in Minneapolis and is now in Massachusettes, heading up the PEOPLE'S MUSIC NETWORK. He returns home with a CONCERT (date change!!!) WED. DEC. 21, 7PM at BONESHAKER BOOKS, 2002—-23rd Ave. South (just off East Frnaklin(), south Minneapolis

A holiday edition of CATALYST, that tries to celebrate the season, while acknowledging the political turning point, as the nation goes into the era of Donald Trump in 2017. Includes diverse music, stories and poems.

Part 1 of a series of conversatons with Minneapolis-St.Paul activists analyzing implicaitons of 2016 election and part of emerging movement responding to the Trump Administration RESIST FROM DAY ONE. The Dec.