June 2013 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

6/3/2013 Pam Without Boundaries

Big thanks to Mason from “Below the Waste” for hosting this morning. From Of Montreal to Paul Robeson to Djavan the music was terrific! A fine example of what you can hear from Mason each week on his show.

6/10/2013 Pam Without Boundaries

Emily filled in this morning—you know her from “Radio Antilles” and other times here and there. You also know she has great taste in new and old funk-and-soul-tinged singles so I was thrilled to have her kick off our week right on a Monday morning. Check out where Emily went without boundaries…

6/17/2013 Pam Without Boundaries

What a blast to be back on the air after three weeks away. There were umpteen “highlights” of this week’s new releases to contend with! (Yes, with which to contend, my smart friends.) We heard a few: Beach Day, Austra, Femi Kuti, Future Bible Heroes…fun and love and so glad to be back!

6/24/2013 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to International DJ Paul Harding for the excellent preview of African Summer at the Cedar Cultural Center, as well as bringing in some fine new releases from the Rough Guide catalog and giving us the heads-up about The Cat Empire, fun music in the skakin’ beat from Australi-ska. (Am I fired for that?) There’s more…