May 2012 Archives

New music from Alex Cuba and Erik Brandt today. Alex Cuba’s “Ruido en el Sistema” has some of the Latin rhythms we’ve heard in his first two records, he also branches out into rock territory, making this new album rather schizophrenic. Erik Brandt doesn’t mind me saying…

This morning was a blast with Amy Ray and Honeydogs tickets to give away and lots of local music, including new music from Teague Alexy which you will likely not hear anywhere else. Very much digging the song “Old Souls and Scarecrows.”

Thanks to Melissa Waskiewicz of the Wells Foundation for coming in this morning and telling us how The Honeydogs will do good Sunday, June 10th,  at St.

Odd day of old local (Walker Kong, Fort Wilson Riot’s first release) and new local (Walker Fields, Mn Music 4 Mn Kids) and a sonic trip around the world (Sinaloa to Italian-Japanese Brooklyn to Russian Los Angeles to Latin Austin, TX)… what did you do with your Memorial Day?