February 2012 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

2/6/2012 Pam Without Boundaries

This week we heard new music from Hospitality, Ani DiFranco, The Little Willies, and local artists Sarah Morris and The Boys N’ the Barrels. Check the playlist for more!

2/13/2012 Pam Without Boundaries

It was the annual Rejection Day Counter-Valentine’s Day special on PWB this morning, which meant plenty of anti-love, anti-society, anti-you-name-it songs—including a rejection of the bandleader by the hilariously clever Stan Freburg. Big thanks to the Nighthawk from the Blueslady’s Time Machine for sitting in with me this morning!

2/20/2012 Pam Without Boundaries

We welcomed Erik Brandt to the studio at 11am today to celebrate the release of his new album, “The Long Winter.” He was all right with me calling it an album with more pop melodies than his first two solo albums. Don’t worry, though. There’s still plenty of dark Americana on this album—if you’re a fan of Brandt’s work with Urban Hillbilly Quartet, you won’t be disappointed.

2/27/2012 Pam Without Boundaries

It was my pleasure to welcome Adam Levy to the studio for the second half of this morning’s show to celebrate the new album from The Honeydogs, and to talk about some of the other projects with which Levy is involved. He guest-curated the music from 11am – 12pm, and we did not have nearly enough time for all the great music he brought in. Which means he needs to come back!