December 2011 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

12/5/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

New music this morning from Bill & Kate Isles (lovely), Superhuman Happiness (funky), The Dang-It Bobbys (love the name!), and more. Check the playlist!

12/12/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

New music from local songwriters Jaspar Lepak and Brian Laidlaw, and a group that can be described as part latin rock/part Morrissey/sometimes jam band: Making Movies.

12/19/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Thank you to my guests Plastic Believers: for coming on this morning and sharing demos of their work before their gig at the Turf Club. They plan on having an album out in 2012. Also, the world lost an incredible vocalist this week. RIP Cesaria Evora.

12/26/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Loved talking with Lizz Winstead this morning about her third annual New Year’s Eve show at the Parkway. If you missed Bang the Dumb Slowly, you can find it on iTunes. Look for a book from Lizz in 2012 when Lizz Free or Die hits the shelves. Hope we can have her back to spin some records! A lot of our favorite local music crosses the pages of the huge music fan’s memoir.