November 2011 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

11/7/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Ben Folds released his retrospective this week, called The Best Imitation of Myself (also a great song with the Ben Folds Five). The liner notes Ben gives about each song are great, but he failed to mention—perhaps out of humility—how the song we heard this morning has, I’m sure, nearly replaced The Wedding Song as the, well, go-to wedding song. I actually heard Ben’s version of The Luckiest in a music-listening (read: non-wedding reception) setting for the first time this morning!

11/14/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to Brian Laidlaw: for coming on this morning, celebrating the release of his new album, Wolf Wolf Wolf. We also heard new music from Tom Waits and Pert Near Sandstone.

11/21/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

New music this morning from a group out of Brooklyn called Superhuman Happiness, a group out of Kansas City called Making Movies, a group out of Boston called Caveman, and something not-yet-released from our own Dakota Dave Hull, recorded with former Minneapolitan (now out in Virgina, I think) Duck Baker.

11/28/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

We welcomed members of Phantom Tails: and Fort Wilson Riot: into the studio this morning. They each have a new ep available, and actually did a split vinyl, available only at their live show at the Triple Rock December 3rd.