October 2011 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

10/3/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Thank you for tuning in to this second pledge drive edition of PWB, and big thanks to Ellen Stanley for co-hosting this morning! We played a funky Shawn Phillips (yes, I said funky)classic for the gentleman who pledged and took those tickets as a thank-you. We also heard Poncho Sanchez Terence Blanchard, Anna Calvi, and Zoe Muth the Lost High Rollers. Stuff you won’t hear much anywhere else!

10/10/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

We had a lovely visit from local trio The Sunny Era this morning, which combines modern rock n’ roll with music in eastern European traditions. We heard from their second album, The Darkness of Love, which marked the new blended sound from the band. Their latest album, Gone Missing, finds them not missing a beat as they grow into owning their mix of tradition and contemporary instrumentation. We also heard new music from one-man band Scott H. Biram. Check the playlist for more.

10/17/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

New music this morning from Zoe Muth & the Lost High Rollers, Scott H. Biram, and the new Patti Smith retrospective, Outside Society. Still need to read her acclaimed memoir, Just Kids. Thinking I might make it my next pick for the book club I’m in…

10/24/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

This week we enjoyed music from the Steamboat Kings, new music from Molly Maher, and a new collection from Ubiquity of a forgotten soul group, Mike & the Censations. Check the playlist for more…

10/31/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Mmmmwwwaaahahahaha… it was an all Halloween spooky-themed show, where we were Haunted by the Love & Rockets, our Skulls were coveted by the Roe Family Singers channeling the Misfits, and the Squirrel Nut Zippers tried to tell us where all our misdeeds would land us in the after-life…