July 2011 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

7/4/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to to Tristen:http://www.tristen.com for stopping by the studio on her way out of town. She and her partner, Buddy, played the Triple Rock the night before, and still made it in for some great live music and chat in the 11:00 hour. She’s from Nashville and she promises to make it up to Minneapolis again. We also heard The Blasters’ Common Man as our only 4th-related music, and the debut from Houston songwriter Robert Ellis.

7/11/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

We were joined by filmmakers David Burton Morris and Victoria Wozniak in the 11:00 hour. Their film, Purple Haze, is showing as part of the Walker’s Made in MN series, and it celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. There are great scenes and shots of Minneapolis locations, including an iconic shot of the West Bank. The film was also groundbreaking in its use of music—music is really a character in the film. We learned their first film, Loose Ends, is not available to anyone to view, sadly. Purple Haze won the Sundance best film prize, so it would be neat to see the couple’s first film. We also heard new music from Seun Kuti Egypt 80, Old 97s, and Eliza Gilkyson.

7/18/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

We had a little power outage as everyone in Cedar-Riverside tried to use their air conditioning all at once, but we were back on by 10:05. We heard some summer tunes to get us going, and then slipped into our most comfortable, cool tunes by new artists such as Robert Ellis, Walker Fields and Tristen. Check the playlist for more eclectic hot-weather musical fashion.

7/25/2011 Pam Without Boundaries

Thinking of Norway, and immersing our ears in the lovely music of Annbjorg Lien to begin the show. Hug your loved ones.