December 2010 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

12/6/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to Lizz Winstead: for hanging out during the 11:00 hour with us. She had a bunch of songs picked out, and we had a lot to talk about—her New Year’s Eve shows at the Parkway Theater:, the book she’s working on which will be out in 2011, frequent commentary on Huffington Post and MSNBC’s Ed Shultz show—we didn’t scratch the surface of her love of music. She’ll have to come back and guest DJ. In the meantime, check out the playlist for what we did get to hear!

12/13/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

This week we enjoyed solid sets of music together as the cities and faithful citizens dug out from the big snowstorm. We started with Aretha Franklin, sending love out to her, and moved into new Steve Wynn The Miracle 3, The Bad Plus, The Giving Tree Band, and more.

12/20/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

We heard some holiday music tucked into new songs from Wise-Magraw, Felonious Bosch, and the Ben Folds/Nick Hornby project. Christmas music from Davie Allan, Edmundo Ros…not your run-of-the-mill season’s greetings.

12/27/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

New stuff from artists sure to end up on people’s Best of 2010 lists such as BNLX, Hastings 3000, and Trombone Shorty—his Backatown landed on my top 5 for sure.