December 2009 Pam Without Boundaries Archives

12/1/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

We started the dark morning with two songs best described as great stories, by the Drive-By Truckers and Maggie Estep. We then moved into Americana territory, playing one acclaimed 2009 record we didn’t get to in the previous week’s review: The Avett Brothers I And Love And You. From there, it was Baaba Maal, Quilombolas, Robyn Hitchcock, Dave Rawlings Machine, The Books, Bebel Gilberto…

12/8/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

Thank very much to Pieta Brown for letting me call her in the 8:00 hour to talk about her new album Shimmer and her show Saturday, December 12th, at the Cedar Cultural Center: Regular visitor from Dublin, Fran King, also had news today: his follow-up to the 2006 album we all loved is out this week! My Sweet Elixir was released today. Check the playlist for other new music, and catch the archive through December 21st to hear Pieta’s interview.

12/15/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

This show featured the final 2009 highlights of this week’s new releases feature at 6:30am, as the next two Tuesdays are holiday weeks and the industry is not putting out much in the way of records on Tuesdays. A few deluxe reissues made the list in time for the holidays, including a 2-cd version of Paul Weller’s 1992 first solo album. The first CD is a remastered rendition of that acclaimed release, and the second CD is full of unreleased material and demos. Check the playlist for other new releases, such as Fall Be Kind from Animal Collective, and local group Romantica.

12/22/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

Got some great phone calls during the first holiday special in all 10 years of Pam Without Boundaries. Bob Dylan’s 2009 Christmas album was the impetus. I thank friend Sumanth for coming on to debate it with me, and to share holiday faves he enjoys, and the great requests we received. Also very big thanks to The Gated Community for four live songs during the morning. They’ll be back in spring for a proper interview around the release of their first album.

12/29/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

Lizz Winstead joined me in the studio in the 8:00 (third) hour for a preview of her New Years Eve show at the Parkway Theater:, What the [Bleep] Just Happened?? We talked about Vic Chesnutt, what she might cover in 2009 in review, and how a show like this is different than her running info-news-ment morning show satire Wake Up World! I also played some music, including Davis Coen, Baaba Maal, and Chuck Prophet.