April 2013 Northern Sun News Archives

Eric Toensmeier – Author & Permaculture Teacher
Topics: Paradise Lot: Two Plant Geeks, One-tenth of an acre and the Making of an Edible Garden Oasis in the City
Rob Czernick – Activist with Center for Deep Ecology. Mpls
Topics: Permacultre & gardening classes & web sites

– Author, prof, food activist
Topics: Rebuilding the Foodshed: how to create local, sustainable and secure food systems
Michael Brunson – Chicago Teachers Union activist
Topics: The organization & education that allowed them to win the 2012 strike

Heather von St James – Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization volunteer, blogger
Topics: Dust: the Great Asbestos Trial film, 100 year history of health risks still a problem today
Michael Brunson – Chicago Teachers Union
Topics: Pt 2 How they won the 2012 strike & the problems ahe

Playlist Tracks:
Langston Hughes – Commentary – I eventually found work…
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Langston Hughes – Trumpet Player
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
David Rovics – Meanwhile in Afganistan
Album: Meanwhile in Afganistan; Label: S – R
Jim Tittle – Documentary film-maker
Topics: The Price of Sand
Carl Sack – Environmental Activist
Topics: Hazards of sand mining & fracking for oil & natural gas
Dave Logsdam – Vets for Peace
Topics: Upcoming activities