February 2013 Northern Sun News Archives

2/7/2013 Northern Sun News

Coleen Rowley – Peace & civil liberties activist
Topics: “the Erosion of civil liberties in the US: from the Patriot Act to Military Commissions to Nat Defense Authorization Act

2/14/2013 Northern Sun News

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Langston Hughes – One Way Ticket
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Langston Hughes – Commentary – When I was 13…
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Langston Hughes – The Negro Speaks of Rivers
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Lisa Luinenburg – Chair – We Speak Out for Civil Liberties
Topics: History of fight for civil liberties in the Twin Cities
Linda Leighton/ David Sundeen – Grandchildren of V.R. Dunne
Topics: Dunne’s role in fight for labor rights
Sha Cage – Actor
Topics: “Nellie” & New upcoming solo work N.I.G.G.E.R.
e.g. bailey – Ass’t Director
Topics: “Buzzer” play at The Guthrie

2/21/2013 Northern Sun News

Laangston Hughes – Commentary – I went to Columbia
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Langston Hughes – Puzzled
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Chris Mato Nunpa – Dakota community leader & educator
Topics: Land stolen by Minnesota & not paid for
Meredith Aby – Committee to stop FBI repression
Topics: Update on case
Kiernan Knutson – I.W.W. member
Topics: Need to defend civil liberties of all in order to broaden the discussion
Ana Vasquez – MN Immigrant Rights Action Committee
Topics: Why people want to come to the US

2/28/2013 Northern Sun News

Hatem Abudayyeh – Exec Dir Arab American Action Network
Topics: The Struggle to Free Palestine
Anh Pham – Intro & MC
Topics: Both investigated conditions in Palestine & both refused to appear at Chicago Grand Jury