January 2013 Northern Sun News Archives

list Tracks:
Julie Madden – Peace & Justice coordinator St Joan of Arc Church
Topics: Welcome to the 15th candlelight service for the children of Iraq, Afganistan & Pakistan
Steve McKeown – Veterans for Peace
Topics: Historical increase in civilian percentage of war dead over last century
Steve Clemens – Community of St Martin
Topics: Testimonial of war’s impact on Iraq, especially children
Marie Braun – TC Peace Campaign
Topics: Effect of sanctions on Iraq

Dr, David Kennedy – Speaker at Intl Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Conference
Topics: Hazards of fluoride in drinking water

Playlist Tracks:
Harry Bury – Author, teacher, priest in 1960s Newman Center, U of MN
Topics: “An Invitation to Think & Feel Differently in the New Millenium” anti-war activities in the 60s
Dr. David Kennedy – Speaker at Intl Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology
Topics: Pt 2 Problems of Fluoride in Drinking Water

Diana Johnstone – French-based journalist, author Fool’s Crusade; Yugoslavia, NATO & Western Delusions
Topics: Slippery Slope to US Intervention
Jean Bricmont – Belgium physics professor , author Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human Rights to Sell War

Kandi Mossett – Native energy & climate campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network
Topics: Price we pay for “Energy Independence”: Environmental & Social Impacts of the Bakken Oil Shale Boom in North Dakota