December 2012 Northern Sun News Archives

Christine Hong – Prof UC Santa Cruz, Korean Policy Institute fellow
Topics: Effect of US Sanctions on North Korea
Marie Braun – Peace activist
Topics: Necessity of reading the alternative media
Steve Clemmons – Peace Activist
Topics: Peace initiates by people outside of government

Playlist Tracks:
.Dr. Boyd Haley – Former Chair Dept of Chemistry, U of Kentucky
Topics: Harmfulness of mercury use in amalgam dentistry…

Playlist Tracks:
Jin Page & the Spokes – Song for Leonard Peltier
Album: Ghost Bikes; Label: S – R
Diane Connors – Past Northern Sun Newspaper editor
Topics: Remembering the life of Jim Koplin
Bob Jensen – Journalism Prof, U of Texas
Topics: Long time friend of Jim Koplin
Susan Hirschmugl – Heart of the Beast puppeteer
Topics: Paper mache & life lessons learned from Jim Koplin

Scott Thompson – Occupy Minnesota
Topics: Occupy Movement
Mark Freeman –
Topics: Occupy Homes
Nick Espinoza –
Topics: Stopping the eviction of his Mother
Bai Vie –
Topics: Wealthy Human Village – “99 or 1, Starting Over”
D. –
Topics: Effect of Occupy Movement
Andrew Neef –
Topics: Video & report on East Texas direct action against Keystone Excel Pipeline
Tomahawk –
Topics: Radicalizing effects of Katrina Hurricane on New Orleans