October 2012 Northern Sun News Archives

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David Swanson – Author & activist
Topics: War is a Lie,When the world outlawed war

Playlist Tracks:
Jim Page & The Spokes – Ghost Bikes
Album: Ghost Bikes; Label: S – R
Vivian Louie – Prof Graduate School, Harvard Univ
Topics: Keeping the Immigrant Bargain: The Cost & Rewards of Success in America
Angel Buechner & Ebony Harris – Welfare Rights Committee members
Topics: Raising the monthly allotment & problems of being on welfare

Playlist Tracks:
Jim Page & the Spokes – I want a new America
Album: Ghost Bikes; Label: S – R
Tova Andrea Wang – Senior Democracy Fellow at Demos
Topics: The Politics of Voter Suppression: Defending & Expanding Americans’ Right to Vote
Dave Logsden – Vets for Peace member
Topics: Upcoming activities of local chapter
David Morris – Author
Topics: The Thoughtful Voter’s Guide to Same-Sex Marriage: a Tool for the Decided, the Undecided, & the Genuinely Perplexed
downloadable from http://www.ilsr.org/thoughtful-voters-guide-same-sex-marriage