September 2012 Northern Sun News Archives

.Sami Rosouli – Muslim Peacemaker Teams, Iraqi’ Am peace activist
Topics: Is U.U. Military Intervention Ever Humanitarian?..April Knutson – Haiti Justice Committee –
Topics: Jess Sundin – Anti-War Committeee – U.S. in Afganistan..Linda Hoover – MN Peace Action Coalition – Anti-imperialist analysis of U.S role in world –

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Twin Cities Labor Chorus – There is Power in a Union
Album: You Work in that Damn Place; Label: S – R
Tt Moore – Organizer w/Socialist Aternative
Topics: Strike Debt – student & homeowner debt relief
Doug Johnson – Former Ex Dir Center for Victoms of Torture – Topics: Ending Torture

Jen Waller et al – Hands off the movement
Album: Stop FBI repression; Label: S – R
Jess Sundin – Comm to stop FBI repression
Topics: Resisting Grand Jury subpoenas
Sarah Martin – Same
Topics: FBI & Justice Dept repression around the country
Deb Konechne – Occupy Events of Occupy Mpls
Topics: Unjust charges by City of Mpls
Liz Dahl – Occupy Mpls
Topics: Events of one year anniversary, Occupy movement
Sam Richards – Occupy Mpls
Topics: Resisting outrageous charges by City of Mpls
e.g. bailey – Assistant Director
Topics: The Brothers Size play, Pillsbury House theater at the Guthrie