May 2014 Health Notes Archives

5/5/2014 Health Notes

21 Day Superstar Cleanse Rainbeau Mars

Actress health advocate Mars offers a detoxifying cleanse that combines a vegan diet with yoga poses and philosophy, journaling, affirmations and mantras, as well as other elements intended to promote rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit. Mars, who has created her own hybrid yoga style called ra yoKa which combines traditional yoga poses with breath centered flow, explosive martial arts movements, and core strength takes readers through a 21-day cleanse to rest, restore, and reset. In three main sections (organized week by week), the author provides daily suggestions for a morning Dawn Glow Tonic, breakfast, yoga pose of the day, lunch, self TLC (read an inspiring passage, practice conscious breathing), dinner, Get Your Glow ON (dance or listen to music), and an evening Dusk Flow Tonic. Though the plan favors raw foods, Mars provides suggestions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vegans and a variety of healthful recipes 75 in all. She also suggests beauty tips and techniques, such as a weekly Self-Care Day that includes a facial, colonic, yoga class, or relaxing bath

5/12/2014 Health Notes
Naturally Healing Breast Cancer

Junko Himawari (“Himawari” means “sunflower” in Japanese) was diagnosed with breast cancer last year May (spread to axillary lymph nodes, grade: 2, HER2: positive, stage: IIB to IIIa)
She decided to heal cancer with natural remedies such as diet therapy, changing life style, Chinese herbs, spa therapy, and Spring Forest qigong.
Junk realized that purpose, love and mission, no fear were the emotional stances she needed to take to heal emotionally and physically.
Junko shares her amazing journey on Health Notes – it is a journey of love, inspiration and wonder. Junko’s motto is: Laughter and sense of humor. Do not be stuck in one place, but move on.

5/19/2014 Health Notes

A Conversation To Help Men Dr. John LaPuma

Throughout much of their lives, men have a weight advantage over women, whose bodies are naturally designed to hold more fat. Fair or not, men’s hormonal make-up, muscle mass, and unique metabolic profile make it easier for them to stay lean. But certain conditions can overturn that gift—the passage of time, the pressure of work and others, the wrong ‘fuel’—and lead men to a hormonal state that more closely resembles women.

5/26/2014 Health Notes

Kinshasha talks with Mike Robbins about his inspiring book, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken” reminds us that God created each one of us for a unique purpose. We live in a world where the lines between fake and real have blurred. Mike Robbins shares a powerful conversation that teaches us how to access and express the realness you crave in your work, your relationships, and yourself.