October 2011 Health Notes Archives

10/3/2011 Health Notes

Treating Chronic Pain Without Opiates – A Day Without Pain

With increasing abuse of prescription drugs affecting every facet of society, Dr.Mel Pohl talks with Kinshasha about treating chronic pain without the use of opiates and/or other prescription painkillers. Focus is on a holistic approach to living with chronic pain.

10/10/2011 Health Notes

Raw Food For Everyone and The Super Conscious Power – Dr. Micheal Monroe Kiefer

Alissa Cohen talks with Kinshasha about her bible of Raw Food Preparation Raw Food For Everyone

In the second half hour we moved to the power of the mind, Dr. Micheal Monroe Kiefer helps us how to understand and apply the Law of Attraction in your life to gain perfect health, more wealth and the wisdom of self-power! His new book, Super Conscious Power is not mystical psycho-babble but, based on decades of historical as well as current research from the; Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab, the Rochester Institute of Technology Psychoneuroimmunology Dept., The Stanford Lab, the U.S. Government, and a number of other scientific and clinical sources. Popular myths surrounding positive thinking, positive mental attitude, etc, are debunked and the exact, effective, proven techniques are revealed. The information is put forth in easy to understand plain language with techniques you can apply immediately in your life to get quick results. A number of real life documented case studies are included as illustrations. Thoroughly researched, easy to understand and apply. Stop struggling and get the results you desire… fast!!!

10/17/2011 Health Notes

Your Abundant MindSet – Carole Hyder and Cyndi Dale

Are you ready to rewrite your “money blueprint” so it
reflects the richness—body, mind, and soul—you long for?

Listen to how two energy experts define the symbolic importance of money in your life through their amazing EnrichmentTM process.

Best-selling authors and world-renowned teachers Cyndi Dale and Carole Hyder will help you uncover the blocks that keep you from accepting both worldly and spiritual blessings.

They’ll plunge the depths to unearth ways you or others might be
sabotaging your deserved abundance and then help you construct a new “money blueprint,” an energetic and practical plan for creating financial flow.

10/24/2011 Health Notes

Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Your Self in Someone Else – Nancy Johnston

By offering her own experience, strength, and hope, Nancy Johnston provides practical solutions to all of us who struggle with separating ourselves from others in a loving way.

In her book, Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Your Self in Someone Else, methods and tools for setting healthy boundaries, recognizing when those boundaries have been crossed, and living peacefully with people and circumstances over which we have no control are shared.

Kinshasha’s conversation with Nancy Johnston provides guidance on developing and strengthening the person I am and the person I want to become. When I’m out of balance and recognize that I’m tumbling into an entanglement.

This in an important conversation that will help you reclaim yourself.

10/31/2011 Health Notes

Kinshasha talked with Mike Robbins about his inspiring book, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken.

This conversation reminds us that God created each one of us for a unique purpose. We live in a world where the lines between fake and real have blurred. Mike Robbins shares a powerful message that teaches us how to access and express the realness we crave in our work, our relationships, and ourselves.