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Vision Connection Coaching – Visionary Coach Deb Mechley

“You Can Create A Better Life, Manifest Abundance In Your Business, Your Finances, Your Relationships And Your Health, No Matter How Bad Things Seem Right Now…Absolutely!”

You’re an open-minded, big thinking person with deep desires and clear intentions who wants to live a better life but, in spite of all your efforts, you’re still struggling to achieve the financial, emotional and physical break-through you deserve and you want to:

Push past resistance, procrastination and habits that are keeping you stuck in a financial and emotional rut.

Discover what you really want in your life.

Experience easy success instead of always struggling to get by.

Feel confident and relaxed about finances.

Make money doing work you love.

Wake up happy and feel good about your life.

Do what you want, whenever you want with whomever you want.

Be able to abundantly support your loved ones and give to others in a meaningful and big way…

Don’t this inspiring conversation on creating your own vision…

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Clean Air Act In Jeopardy

For 40 years, the National Environmental Scorecard issued by the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has been the nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental, public health, and energy issues.

Kinshasha talks with Alex Taurel, a Legislative Representative for LCV about votes to cut funding to the Clean Air Act.

One such vote by our own Senator Amy Klobuchar. There is another important vote coming up this fall as a part of the budget cutting process – lets encourage Senator Klobuchar to vote to keep the Environmental Protection Agency well funded.

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All Health’s Breaking Loose – Loa Blasucci

Your body represents to the world your history and the emotion you carry inside. Kinshasha talked with Loa Blasucci about her powerful new book, All Health’s Breaking Loose.

This Book is about you and the body you want to have. Loa has great respect for the depth of what the human body can endure and the powerful healing machine that it is.

She sees the beauty inside you, and wants you to see it, too.

This important conversation will Loa motivate you with groundbreaking information on food and fitness.

All Health’s Breaking Loose contains the riches of Loa’s 30 years of experience in the beauty and fitness industry. She made her mark in Hollywood as one of the top makeup artists in the business, making our beloved celebrities look their best in fashion magazines, television, and on the silver screen. Bob Hope, Eugene Levy, Hugh Grant, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Raquel Welch, James Caan, Courteney Cox, Mathew McConaughey, and Christopher Guest – a galaxy of stars have shone brightly because of Loa’s touch

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Green For Life

Many people know that we should eat more greens, but rarely do any of us truly enjoy our kale or wheatgrass. For the first time in history a remarkably enjoyable way of consuming the necessary amount of greens has been created by blending the greens with fruit. From this smoothie, the body can absorb the essential nutrients much more efficiently. Anyone can prepare tasty green smoothies quickly in their own kitchen, with their own choice of ingredients. With green smoothies people gain more control of their own health.

In search of the perfect human diet, Victoria Boutenko compares the standard American diet with the diet of wild chimpanzees. Chimpanzees share an estimated 99.4% of genes with humans, but their diet is dramatically different from ours. The most glaring difference is that chimpanzees consume significantly more green leaves than humans. Based on these observations, Victoria has developed a series of green smoothie recipes that enable anyone to consume the necessary amount of greens in a palatable way.

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