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From House To Home – Discover The Potential That Your Home Holds To Positively Influence Your Life

Do you feel something’s “not quite right” or out of balance about your home?

Do you wish your home was more satisfying to you?

Is your home a source of comfort, joy, and harmony?

Is your home contributing to your emotional and physical health?
Does your home feel meaningful to you?

Seldom is home looked at as a totality including beauty and balance, creativity and collaboration, money and meaning.

When we understand home in all its dimensions, its power to improve our lives is unleashed.

Kinshasha talked with CAROLE HYDER, M.A., Feng Shui Expert, and Margaret Lulic M.A., Consulting Philosopher about their upcoming
workshop March 26th and how to build a relationship with
your home that transforms how you live day-to-day.

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Internationally Recognized Naturopath – Chris Morris

Chris Morris is an internationally recognized naturopathic physician, author, cleric and business leader. Realizing that he wanted to find a way to serve humanity in a more profound way, Chris entered the field of alternative medicine in 1983 after a career as a professional athlete and business executive.

Chris brings a unique perspective to healing and personal growth with his degree in mathematics and physics along with his 30 year study of metaphysics and personal development.

Chris will talk about moving from a linear model of healing to a heart model – following the flow of nature and eating with nature for wellness. Another important Health Notes Conversation.

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The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils – E. Joy Bowles – Internationally Renowned Aromatherapist

Kinshasha talked with Aromatherapist Joy Bowles about the Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils. Joy offers a practical approach to understanding the chemical functional groups and pharmacological actions of essential oils.

Joy Bowles has taught at the highly regarded Nature Care College in Sydney and run workshops for the International Federation of Aromatherapists. She co-founded the Aromatherapy Research Group (TARG) in 1997.

Joy has a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education at Griffith University. She has recently been awarded a full scholarship to complete a PhD at Southern Cross University, NSW, where she will conduct research into aromatherapy for aged care.

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Spring Pledge Drive Health Notes

Anatomix Comix

Dr. Elson Haas talked about his new book and CD for Children called Anatomix Comix which teaches children about their bodies in a fun, musical and colorful way.

Originally performed for children’s theater in schools and other venues in California, this is a fun, interactive comic book that teaches young children about the human body and how to keep it healthy. Each body system is paired with a catchy song that children love to sing along to.

Kinshasha was joined in the studio with Melinda J and Health Notes listener Jeffrey to talk about the benefits of Health Notes and KFAI Radio

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