November 2010 Health Notes Archives

11/29/2010 Health Notes

Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters – Richard Farmer and Colin Snow

Richard Farmer is currently honorary President of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, the association of professional teachers in the UK. He has been a teacher for over 35 years and has studied with some of the leading Tai Chi teachers, but his number one teacher is the late Grand Master Chi Chiang Tao – President Taiwan Tai Chi Chuan Association and Senior Instructor. As well as the Eastern traditions he has studied with more contemporary teachers like Richard Moss, Ram Dass, Douglas Harding and Emmanuel. He also works as a healer from his home in the UK.

Colin Snow is the Founder and Teacher of the Natural Step Tai Chi School in Minneapolis.

The body mirrors the mind, and that mirror works both ways, the mind can mirror the body. So wholesome movements and shapes create a wholesome mind. We have an original shape which gets bent out of true by our fear of life and our need to survive it. When we can feel our true nature, we have a choice as to who is going to be in charge, conditioning, reactivity and family patterns, or our true nature. It all flows from there.

11/22/2010 Health Notes

Your body represents to the world your history and the emotion you carry inside. Kinshasha talked with Loa Blasucci about her powerful new book, All Health’s Breaking Loose.

This Book is about you and the body you want to have. Loa has great respect for the depth of what the human body can endure and the powerful healing machine that it is.

She sees the beauty inside you, and wants you to see it, too.

This important conversation will Loa motivate you with groundbreaking information on food and fitness.

All Health’s Breaking Loose contains the riches of Loa’s 30 years of experience in the beauty and fitness industry. She made her mark in Hollywood as one of the top makeup artists in the business, making our beloved celebrities look their best in fashion magazines, television, and on the silver screen. Bob Hope, Eugene Levy, Hugh Grant, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Raquel Welch, James Caan, Courteney Cox, Mathew McConaughey, and Christopher Guest – a galaxy of stars have shone brightly because of Loa’s touch.

11/15/2010 Health Notes

Creating Your Best Life

Kinshasha shared a laughter filled hour with Rev. Umo Udo.

How can we create our best life is what Rev Udo, the Director of Spiritual Care at Catholic Charities Greater Minneapolis talked about with Kinshasha.

In this joyful and informative conversation, Umo talks about creating our desired life and how we can live it NOW!

Umo inspires us to live resilient lives and living our life with passion and laughter.

11/8/2010 Health Notes

State Rep. Carolyn Laine and Nancy Manahan & Becky Bohan – Home Funerals and Green Burials

State Represemtative Carolyn Laine and Authors of the award-winning Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully: A Journey with Cancer and Beyond Nancy Manahan & Becky Bohan were “Live” in the KFAI studios talking about Home death care, Natural burials, MN. State Legislation and Green Burials.

11/1/2010 Health Notes

Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Youngoligist Dr. Bridget Bagley

Naturopath, Herbalogist, iridologist, Nutriionist and Youngoligist, Dr. Bridget Bagley talked with Kinshasha
about Alkalizing our bodies with nutritious raw food, how to look in your eyes and determine important factors of your health, food supplements and vaccinations.