September 2010 Health Notes Archives

Make Everyday A Friday Marina Spence on Sept. 13th Health Notes*

The recipe of making every day a Friday is simple:
Connect who you really are with what you do

When you do that, you can express your inner self through your outer work. The dichotomy between who you are at work and your true, inner self disappears.

Kinshasha has an amazing conversation with Marina Spence about this important book that will help us to stay present in our lives and experience joy and wonder in everything we do everyday and realistically.

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Becoming A Life Change Agent

In Becoming a Life Change Artist, Fred Mandell and Kathleen Jordan share the groundbreaking approach made popular in their workshops across the country.

There are seven key strengths that the most creative minds of history shared, and that anyone rethinking their future can cultivate to change their life effectively:
*Preparing the brain to undertake creative work
*Seeing the world and one’s life from new perspectives
*Using context to understand the facets of one’s life
*Embracing uncertainty
*Taking risks
*Applying discipline

Kinshasha and Fred Mandell have a riveting conversation about change.

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*Richard Farmer, Honorary President
of the Tai Chi Union*, Earth Mentor
David Nelson and Bill McGilvray, Director of PLANT EXTRACTS INTERNATIONAL contribute to Health Notes first week of KFAI’s Fall Pledge Drive.

Richard Farmer, Great Britain Tai Chi Master talked about
*Living the Art of Happiness, A three night intensive series
that he was doing at Open Book, Dave Nelson talked with
Kinshasha about Community Energy Circles and Bill McGilvray
shared a brief synopsis on the chemistry of essential oils.

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BE Yourself – Everybody Else Is Already Taken

Authenticity is the buzz word of the moment. “Be true to yourself.” “Be your real self.” “Be the person you were meant to be.” The message is loud and clear. Or is it? There is pressure from all around (family, friends, co-workers, the media, and society at large) telling us it’s more important to be liked and to fit in than it is to be who we truly are. We’re also constantly bombarded with messages telling us that we aren’t good enough and need to be fixed.

Kinshasha has an important conversation with Mike Robbins about this important subject of authencity.

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