April 2010 Health Notes Archives

4/5/2010 Health Notes

Grand Deeva Dee Henry Williams (A Great Blend of Watercolors) joined Kinshasha in the studio to kick off the second week of KFAI’s Spring Pledge Drive.

Call 612-375-9030 and support your favorite KFAI Health program.

Dr. Scott Whitaker’s Medisin interview reaired and Dr. Robert Melillo talked about the epidemic of neurological disorders of our children in his book Disconnected Kids.

4/26/2010 Health Notes

Alive Aware Awake …*Come Change the World… Gathering…*Circles of Women

The Alive Aware Awake! Gathering is the shared vision of hundreds of women from different spiritual backgrounds who have been yearning to unite with other women in order to experience a profound connection to a circle community greater than their own.
This gathering is an opportunity for women to join together and raise the vibration of the feminine energy of loving relationships and spiritual consciousness to new levels in our area, thus increasing the vibration in our world.

Kinshasha talked with Mary Welsch and circle leaders of this life changing event for women.

4/19/2010 Health Notes

Awakened Wisdom

Kinshasha talked with author of the new book Awakened Wisdom, Awakened Wisdom blends Buddhist, Native, and collected wisdoms into a beautifully crafted healing message for our modern culture.

Patrick Ryan’s own life experiences greatly inform this work, and his message is simple and profound: we are at choice when it comes to how we want to live our lives during our brief time on this planet.

4/12/2010 Health Notes

The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It

Today, the American population suffers from a list of chronic health conditions, from asthma to cancer to diabetes. Every family has been impacted on every rung of our socio-economic ladder, creating a tremendous burden on our healthcare system, while countries around the world barely seem to sniffle. Have you ever wondered why?

As highlighted in The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It, using resources and skills that she developed as an equity analyst on billions in assets, Robyn diagnoses the recent deregulation of the American food system that allowed chemicals and additives into the American food supply in order to enhance profitability for the food industry – chemicals that have either been banned or labeled from foods around the world.

The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It is an inspiring story of honesty, diligence, and tenacity in the face of humbling odds. Robyn’s gift for communication have made her a sought-after motivational speaker, as she educates and inspires hope, shedding light on how, together, we can affect remarkable change.