March 2010 Health Notes Archives

3/29/2010 Health Notes

Catalyst Host – Litia Howell and BreatheLoveKnowRelate Director and KFAI Executive Director, Janis Lane Ewart were with Kinshasha on March 29th to support KFAI’s Annual Spring Pledge Drive.

Health Notes shared short interviews with Dr. Rob Bruly – talking about the affects of Junkfood on the body, and an exerpt from the previously aired interview with Mailia Burkhart about her performance piece, BreatheLoveKnowRelate

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3/22/2010 Health Notes

The Recipe for Creating a Meaningful Existence (The Science behind these Insights) “Curious?”

When we think about seeking daily joy and lasting fulfillment, cultivating curiosity is rarely the first thing that comes to mind but based on groundbreaking research, professor Dr. Todd Kashdan talked with Kinshasha about the engine behind achieving a life that is most worth living.

The book “CURIOUS?” offers the profound new message that the greatest opportunities for joy and personal growth happen not when we’re searching for happiness, certainty, and safety. Instead, when we are open to new experiences and when we relish the unknown, positive events linger longer and we extract more pleasure and meaning from them. CURIOUS? shows us how to begin cultivating curiosity on our own and how to develop a concrete plan for building meaningful relationships, improving health, enhancing well-being, identifying strengths and making the most out of them, and discovering meaning and purpose in life — even during times of loss and adversity.

These and other topics are fueled by original thinking on the importance of approaching every moment with an attitude of openness and curiosity. Kashdan allows us to understand what it takes to thrive and meet the challenges of everyday life.

3/15/2010 Health Notes

Dr. Rob Bruley – Your Thyroid /Atrazine and Your Health

Your Thyroid
Why are so many people experiencing thyroid imbalance? Are you cold, experiencing weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, memory loss, irritability and the list goes on. Your thyroid may not be working properly and why is that?

Dr. Bruly also talked about the contradictions of the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

What is it, why is it in our environment and what does that mean to you? There is a lot of emerging disturbing health implications associated with atrazine that is in the health publications and should be brought to light – and Dr. Bruley will do just that.

3/8/2010 Health Notes

International Women’s Day Celebration – Girls of Distinction

Health Notes celebrated International Women’s Day with a program entitled called “Girls of Distinction,”

High school girls from We Win Institute’s Rites of Passage program will be honoring great African and African American She-roes.
Through poetry, biographies and song, they talked about women such as Angela Davis, Yaa Asantewa, Maya Angelou, Queen Latifah and Alicia Keyes.

KFAI’s Executive Director, Janis Lane Ewart was also featured on this important International Women’s Day program

3/1/2010 Health Notes

How Everyday Products Make People Sick

Kinshasha talked with Dr. Paul Blanc about his book “How Everyday Products make People Sick”.

This conversation revealed the hidden health dangers in many of the seemingly innocent products we encounter every day—a tube of glue in a kitchen drawer, a bottle of bleach in the laundry room, a rayon scarf on a closet shelf, a brass knob on the front door, a wood plank on an outdoor deck.