January 2010 Health Notes Archives

1/18/2010 Health Notes

South High Students Committed to Racial Sensitivity and Equity –

A group of high school students from South High School in Minneapolis join Kinshasha on MLK Day to talk about the work they are doing at their school.

The group name is START, “Students Together Against Racial Tension.” They are a small, diverse group of concerned students committed to racial sensitivity and action steps that will make South an inclusive environment for all students.

These students are writing articles for their high school paper, The Southerner” developing a race-oriented column to
which students are able to contribute.

Their goal is to have their group and other groups write about stereotypes they see in society and their reactions to them, review articles about racism and cultural privilege, and interview staff and each other about why equity and integration are so important.

1/25/2010 Health Notes

“Transform your Wealth, Health and Happiness Effortlessly and Achieve Success Beyond Anything You Ever Imagined*

Chaney Weiner talked with Kinshasha about how to “really” create the life we’ve dreamed of. Learn how to Begin Manifesting The Wealth, Relationships, Health, and Fulfillment You Deserve!

Discover the overlooked elements in the law of attraction no one is telling you about (that are keeping 1,000’s of people permanently STUCK)…

1/11/2010 Health Notes

‘Digestion and Health”

Did you know that indigestion affects many health issues including: Weight, Allergies, Headacheas,Pain, Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Joint and Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Cancer and more!!!

Health expert Katie Murphy talked with Kinshasha about the body’s digestive process and how it affects the body’s health. understand the body’s natural detox process, how it affects overall health,and how you can help it along. A little knowledge can go a long way. Come and get to know your body and how to take care of it so that you may live a more stress free and vibrant lifestyle.

1/4/2010 Health Notes

“Medisin” Dr. Scott Whitaker and “Radical Forgiveness” Opening the Way to Miracles

In the first half hour of Health Notes, Kinshasha will be talking with author of the compelling and controversial book “MediSin” Dr. Whitaker about the unholy practices of allopathic medicine and the commercialization of devitalized and chemical based foods.

In the second half hour, the conversation will move to “Radical Forgiveness”. Colin Tipping will talk about “Radical Forgiveness”, which is easy and instantaneous because it is a shift in perception that allows you to understand that, in truth, looked at from the perspective of the spiritual ‘big picture,’ nothing wrong ever happened.