November 2009 Good Noise Archives

11/2/2009 Good Noise

In the words of Shake Bake’s Tony Paul…A little bit of this and a little bit of that on this morning’s show. Some new, some old, some vinyl, a couple of musical birthdays, a few foreign language songs…

11/9/2009 Good Noise

A set of Spanish language music, a set of Johnny Mercer tunes, a phone interview with singer David Wilcox and a lot of music.

11/16/2009 Good Noise

Newer releases from 80’s icons, sets in Spanish and Portugese, a few new releases, a couple of Johnny Mercer tunes to lead into Rockin N Rhythm’s 3-week Mercer extravanganza and few more oldies.

11/23/2009 Good Noise

Larry Englund was sitting in for Dale and Roger this morning.

  • denotes new release
  1. marks a Twin City Artist
11/30/2009 Good Noise