May 2009 Good Noise Archives

5/4/2009 Good Noise

The Good Noise Show was Baseball Themed today.

5/11/2009 Good Noise
5/18/2009 Good Noise

The Good Noise Show welcomed guests from the Community Justice Project.
Guests this morning were:
Maren Hardy, Jennifer Booker, Damon Starks
and co-directors Rev Hillary Freeman, Rev Brian Herron.
Thanks for coming and sharing your stories and information.
For more information on becoming a volunteer mentor, contact Hillary Freeman at 612-673-2892. Creating Safe Communities One Person at a time. The Community Justice Project’s next training session is on June 13th.

5/25/2009 Good Noise

Liz Olds hosted Good Noise for Memorial Day.
Thanks, Liz – from Dale Roger