September 2008 Good Noise Archives

9/1/2008 Good Noise
9/8/2008 Good Noise

A good mix of music this morning. Just like the show’s name. Just short of a dozen new releases were sampled, some French language tracks, some lesser known songs by big stars like Etta James (The Pick Up) and Jerry Butler and some personal favorites by Joe Simon (Chokin Kind), Willie Nelson (Poncho Lefty) and Gwen McRae (Rockin Chair) and the saddest Curtis Mayfield song I know (Eddie, You Should Know Better).

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    The Boulder Acoustic Society track was by request, thanks for turning me on to this one.
9/15/2008 Good Noise
9/22/2008 Good Noise

I went out of my usual comfort zone early this morning. I had never played any John Coltrane or George Strait on the show before, but took care of that in the 6:00 hour. I found some new releases that looked fun and dropped those throughout the latter parts of the show. The French set in the 7:00 was my goodbye to Georgette of Bonjour Minnesota.

9/29/2008 Good Noise