April 2017 Synthwaves on KFAI Archives

The show Kicks open the door with a track from Brian Mcdonald Group and continues with a mix of new, old, soundbytes and 80s bliss.  New releases from Dream Fiend, TV Players, Slanger and much more!! 

 live on air mixes seems to be the way the show is heading these days.  Always playing 80s/early 90s tunes but now blending them with retro synth jams in a live mix as well! Pullin out the 1s and 2s from Morgan Willis to Professor Zonic Zynth. From Gavin Christopher to Fatback4way to Abelard!

Every Sunday night mixing 80s and 90s tunes with Retro electro, modern funk and 80s influenced synth pop, SynthWaves airs with tunes from Night Raptor, Midnight Driver, Papillon Rising, Robots with Rayguns, Atom Force, Ka Bliss, Tronicboxx, Hot Lixx Paul Peterson, Stacey Earl, Steve Winwood and much more! 

 Local musician Bad N Rad is the in studio guest tonight talking about his live local shows, his latest release "Deep End" and he's brought a few of his fav tracks along as well.  More on him here https://badnradmusic.bandcamp.com/releases .  Also music by FM-84, Garth Knight, Morgan Willis, Journey, Big Noise, Phaserland, Killstar, New Edition and More!