July 2016 Synthwaves on KFAI Archives

Action packed show featuring live special guests Kondrath ( https://soundcloud.com/kondrath ) and Timecop1983 ( https://soundcloud.com/timecop1983 ).  The show also premieres two amazing tracks! The first a Retro-EDM style jam from the always amazing VHS Dreams . The tune will be released officially here https://vhsdreamsofficial.bandcamp.com on July 6th.

Special Guest is Hello Meteor (more here: https://hellometeor.bandcamp.com ) and we discuss how photography influences his music as well as the Seagull—youll have to listen to find out.  Premieres of tunes by Navigateur https://navigateurmusic.bandcamp.com and Slanger https://slanger.bandcamp.com/album/paradiso-2016

Special guest is Hugh Myrone more here: https://soundcloud.com/myroneofficial we discuss his influences as a kick ass guitarist as well as his side project, SNAKED (pronounced S-Naked).  Premieres from Slanger https://slanger.bandcamp.com and Tape Loader https://tapeloader.bandcamp.com

Special guest is the founder of Rain Dragon Records, Troy Ounce.  More info here: https://raindragonrecords.bandcamp.com . The show features the music of Rain Dragon artists Crocket, Bart Graft and the TCR.  Other music includes, Michael Jackson, Kameron, BJ Thomas, Beauchamp Falls and more.  

Michael George aka Stallon Jones aka the founder of 30th Floor Records is the special guest. More info here: http://30thfloor.uk . on the show we talk his record label, his latest release and his awesome 2013 Halloween classic, "Wolf at my Door".  Music also featured from Dana Jean Phoenix, The Northern Lights, The Party, Quasars, Pengus, Milli Vanilli and much more!