June 2013 African Rhythms Archives

Special show on music from Lusophone Africa and Brazil, with Portuguese music expert Fernando Arenas from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Featuring new music from Cape Verde, Angola, and Brazil. Final song by Bob Marley is a farewell from Jojo and everyone at African Rhythms to beloved Twin Cities DJ Omari Omari, tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.

More Music From Saharan Cellphones and Awesome Tapes From Africa — new tracks from Chucho Valdes, Buika and Bob Marley remixed — and M.anifest joins us in the studio on today’s African Rhythms with Brad and Jojo.

Joshua Arana, singer and drummer for the Garifuna Collective, is our guest on today’s show. We take a look at Garifuna music along with a bit of South African Mbaqanga and a nod to Eritrean Independence Day. 2 hours with Brad, Jojo and Charlie.

Swahili songs, an Amadou and Mariam concert preview and much more on today’s African Rhythms.