July 2011 African Rhythms Archives

7/7/2011 African Rhythms

Paul Harding, who just wrapped up a 16 year run as host of Radio K International, joined us in the second hour of today’s African Rhythms and put together a hot live mix in anticipation of a href=http://blogs.citypages.com/gimmenoise/2011/07/rewind_celebrat.phpa special celebration of those 16 years/a at the Cedar on Saturday.

7/14/2011 African Rhythms

Michael Kiwanuka was born in London to Ugandan emigrés a mere twenty-three years ago. He’s just released his first EP, Tell Me a Tale, from which we heard the soulful track I Need Your Company on today’s edition of African Rhythms, along with a rich assortment of other music from South Africa, Niger, Mali, Mauritius and points beyond.

7/21/2011 African Rhythms

On today’s episode of African Rhythms we heard some examples of Naija — contemporary Nigerian pop music — and a track by Nkulee Dube (Lucky Dube’s daughter) who merges South African tradition with reggae and pop.

7/28/2011 African Rhythms

Malian singer Mamani Keita has a new CD coming out next month — a collaboration with French producer Nicolas Repac — that promises to make some waves on the world music scene. We heard the cut Demissen Koulou from that album on today’s African Rhythms, along with a Swizz Beatz remix of Seun Kuti’s Rise Up and a track from NRBLN: Welcome to the Madhouse which features Berlin-based producers working with Kenyan hip hop artists.