March 2013 Write On! Radio Archives

We speak with Evie Shockley about her new collection of poetry the new black, which won the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award in Poetry. She is also the author of a half-red sea, two chapbooks, and a critical study, Renegade Poetics: Black Aesthetics and Formal Innovation in African American Poetry.

We also speak with Sha Cage about her upcoming performance in N.I.G.G.E.R., which blends monologue, song, interviews and movement in an experimental examination of the residual impact of this word (through a female lens).

We speak with Nicholas Montemarano about his new novel The Book of Why. He is the author of a story collection If the Sky Falls, and a debut novel A Fine Place

We also speak with Elizabeth Haynes about her new novel Dark Tide. She is also the author of Into the Darkest Corner.

We speak with Sun Yung Shin about her new poetry collection Rough, and Savage. She is also the author of the picture book Cooper's Lesson and the collection Skirt Full of Black, which won the Asian American Literary Award. 

We also speak with Joe Blair about his new memoir By the Iowa Sea. He has written articles for The New York Times, Salon, The Christian Science Monitor and the Iowa Review.

We speak with Elizabeth Graver about her new novel The End of the Point. She is also the author of the novels Awake, The Honey Thief, and Unravelling. Her short story collection, Have You Seen Me?, won the 1991 Drue Heinz Literature Prize.

We also speak with Catherine and Tobias Wolff about their new book Not Less Than Everything: Catholic Writers on Heroes of Conscience, from Joan of Arc to Oscar Romero.