January 2011 Write On! Radio Archives

1/4/2011 Write On Radio!

Tuesday, January 4th on Write on Radio, Charlotte Sullivan talks with Phyllis Root and Betsy Bowen, the author and illustrator of Big, Belching Bog, a quirky romp through the peat bogs of northern Minnesota, for young readers.

In the second half of the show, Charlotte speaks with four members of the Class of 2K10: Swati Avashti (author of Split), Michele Corriel (author of Fairview Felines: A Newspaper Mystery), Janet Fox (author of Faithful and other books), and Jacqueline Houtman (author of The Reinvention of Edison Thomas and other books).

1/11/2011 Write On Radio!

Stanley West joins us to talk about his novel Blind Your Ponies, an inspiring and heartwarming story of the lives of people in the rundown town of Willow Creek, Montana, and the high school basketball team’s quest to win after five years of losing every single game.

Also joining us in the studio is William C. Hammond with his newest maritime novel, For Love of Country. Set in the early 1780s in the years following the American Revolution, the novel follows the adventures of the seafaring Cutler family of Hingham, Massachusetts, and the supporting cast from the first novel of the series, A Matter of Honor.

1/18/2011 Write On Radio!

David Vann calls in to talk about his debut novel Caribou Island. David Vann is also the author of the award-winning and internationally acclaimed short story collection, Legend of a Suicide.

We also speak with Ben Kreilkamp about a celebration he is organizing of the poet John Berryman on February 17th in Dinkytown.

And we talk with Neal Karlen and Amy Salloway about their show with Ashley Gold at the Minneapolis Jewish Humor Festival: Babes in Goyland: Stories and Songs from the Land of Milk and Hotdish.

1/25/2011 Write On Radio!

It’s a heavy-hitting poetry show! Greg Hewett joins us in the studio to talk about his newest book of poetry, darkacre. Greg Hewett is the author of three other collections of poetry, including The Eros Conspiracy and Red Suburb.

Poet Steve Healey also joins us to talk about his newest collection, 10 Mississippi. He is also the author of Earthling, and his poems have appeared in the anthology Legitimate Dangers: American Poets of the New Century and the journals American Poetry Review, Boston Review, jubilat, and others.

Filmmaker Mike Hazard will also be on hand to preview a documentary he has recently completed about Twin Cities poet Roy McBride. It’s called A Poet Poets (those who know McBride will be familiar with the phrase), and its premier screening with be Sunday, January 30th, at 3 and 4 p.m. at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.