February 2014 Black History Month 2014 Archives

Black History Month - What Is It?

Hosted by Frangena Johnson and Roderic Southall

Fighting Injustice By Uplifting People

Hosted by Aamina Muhammad & DeSean Smedley of the Black Student Union – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

The Bookstore as Radical Space in Black and Brown Communities

Hosted by Chaun Webster

What's In The Mix?

Hosted by Janis Lane-Ewart

Classically Sizzling: Afro-Americans Rock Classical Music

Hosted by Janis Lane-Ewart

And The People Say "I'm Black and I'm Proud": Akhmiri's Basement Party

Hosted by Akhmiri Sekhr-Ra

Songs of Substance, Roots & Branches

Hosted by Douglas R. Ewart

Black Minnesotans: Where Do We Go from Here?

Hosted By Donald Allen, Ronald A. Edwards, & Mohamed H. Mohamed

The Ongoing Struggle for Equity in Higher Education in MN

Hosted by Shannon Gibney & Danielle Mkali

Built Right in Da Hood: Character - Conversation with Tavis Smiley

Hosted by Lennie Chism