June 2014 10,000 Fresh Voices Archives

MPCA Studying Water Quality for Wild Rice

For nearly four years, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has been taking a closer look at its water quality standard for Minnesota’s state grain: wild rice. In this feature, KFAI producer Kelly Schoenfelder speaks with biologist Leonard Anderson and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency commissioner John Linc Stine to learn more about what they’ve found so far, and what it might mean for Minnesota’s wild rice.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Model?

It takes more than a pretty face and a good “selfie” to make it as a model. Even in a smaller market like Minnesota, the odds of breaking into this very exclusive club can be daunting. Producer Joe Sadowski takes a look at the industry with talent agency owner Susan Wehmann and model Fatima Cocci. Production assistance by Nancy Skalkos.

Palmer's Bar Has a 100-year Old History

Paris has Les Deux Magots; Greenwich Village has the Gaslight and Gerde’s Folk City: cafes and watering holes that were creative epicenters. In Minneapolis, Palmer’s Bar was home of the 1960’s folk music explosion. KFAI producer Britt Aamodt visited the 100-year-old West Bank watering hole to learn more.

Metro Blooms Offers Raingarden Workshops

Rainwater collects all kinds of pollutants as it runs over roads, lawns, parking lots, and sidewalks. Those pollutants often end up in local lakes and rivers, damaging natural ecosystems. Metro Blooms is a Minnesota nonprofit working to combat the problem through raingardens.

Maxine Klein's Illustrious and Provacative Career

Maxine Klein is an Obie Award-winning director known for her provocative political theater.

Allen Christian's House of Balls Encourages Visitor Interaction

The House of Balls is the studio of sculptor Allen Christian, and an environment of artistic invention that has been part of the Minneapolis warehouse district since 1987. This curious place is filled with human-like figures and unique elements made from found objects. Christian is known for carving figures from bowling balls, hence the name “House of Balls.” He believes that living beings are connected to the inanimate world, and encourages visitors to interact with his his work.

Skinny Dipping Can Land You in Hot Water

As the weather warms, locals are flocking to the lakes for recreation. But keep your bathing suits on, folks. KFAI producer Allison Herrera has the story of how skinny dipping can land you into hot water.

Glensheen Murders Still a Mystery

Built in 1908 by Chester Congdon, the Glensheen Mansion is a lovely estate located on the shore of Lake Superior. Congdon earned his fortune through mining investments at the turn of the century, and his daughter Elizabeth was the last of his seven children to inhabit the estate. On the night of June 28, 1977, she and her nurse Velma Pietila were murdered. Among the suspects were Elizabeth’s adopted daughter Marjorie Caldwell, and Marjorie’s husband Roger Caldwell. The Glensheen murders remain a mystery, and today the property is owned by the University of Minnesota.

1953 "wardrobe malfunction" leads to run-in with police

In 1953, Minneapolis police were called to the Saddle Bar on Hennepin Avenue when dancer Darlene Labette Varallo experienced a “wardrobe malfunction.” KFAI producer Allison Herrera tells recounts the scene, which challenged the city’s morality laws.

Minnesota's State Capital Fire

On March 2, 1881, Minnesota’s state capitol building caught fire while both houses were in session. As smoke filled the chambers, hundreds fled down the building’s single stairway. Fortunately, no one was hurt. In 1985, architect Cass Gilbert was commissioned to design the new state capitol, which stands in St. Paul today.