November 2013 Archives

Every day people gather in basements and community centers, coffee shops and churches, to talk share about their addiction and recovery. But for some, AA’s religious foundation poses a challenge. KFAI producer Noel Clark looks at adapting the 12-step program for non-believers.

Minnesota Atheists is one of the largest groups in Minnesota. With nearly 3,000 members, the group holds weekly events across the Twin Cities. Membership has grown, but acceptance has been a challenge.

East Lake Street is home to some of the city’s oldest Chinese restaurants. The food itself has a unique history, and may be more American than you think. KFAI’s Bill Lindeke talks to restaurant owners and artist Wing Young Huie about the neighborhood’s culture and cuisine.

Student jazz musicians have likely come across the name Dean Sorenson. His jazz curriculum books have been published by Kjos music and played in schools across the globe. Dean has composed and arranged music for many ensembles, including the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the U.S. Air Force Band and the Minnesota Orchestra. He is currently the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Minnesota. KFAI producer Charlie McCarron talks with Dean about how he makes music fun and playable for younger jazz musicians.

South Minneapolis-based Tamales y Bicicletas educates mostly Latino youth about healthy eating and exercise, with a focus on food justice. Their approach explores race, immigration and social justice, and as KFAI producer Allison Herrera explains, they’re doing it one tamale at a time.

George Morrison is known for his giant wood collages that represent Minnesota’s North Shore. Morrison grew up in Chippewa falls, a few miles east of Grand Marais along Lake Superior. His Ojibwe heritage, while not overtly characterized in his work, is part of his artistic identity. He likened himself to contemporary abstract expressionists of 1940s and ’50s. Morrison’s art career spanned several decades and two continents. He studied abroad for several years and taught at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, but some say, “He was always here,” meaning his spirit remains in Minnesota.

2013 was the last year for visitors to see Heritage Square before it gets a makeover. KFAI’s Allison Herrera was at the Minnesota State Fair to learn more about this iconic and quirky, landmark.

Artists in Storefronts is an urban walking gallery. Coordinator Joan Vorderbruggen curates pop-up exhibits that animate vacant and under-used commercial storefronts with work by local artists. KFAI producer Cyn Collins was on the scene in south Minneapolis to explore.

For many, “Do you remember where you were…?” are words that harken back to 9/11. But for an earlier generation, that touchstone moment was President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. On November 22, 1963, Jack Puterbaugh of Minneapolis was in Dallas during that fatal moment. KFAI’s Britt Aamodt talks to Puterbaugh and JFK researcher Rick Anderson about a day that changed the course of American history.

The Somali Art and Cultural Museum opened its doors in Minneapolis in November 2013, to visitors curious about a new culture and immigrants yearning for familiar relics from home. Osman Ali, a Somali native, curated the museum, which has more than 700 artifacts. In war-torn Somalia, much of the country’s art has been destroyed, but as museum visitor Musa Farah noted, “We thought we lost it, but it came after us.” KFAI producer Manda Lillie was at the opening of the Somali Art and Cultural Museum to file this story.